Man down as Sony have dealt a killer blow

Well, it was pretty clear that after a lack luster launch Microsoft had it all to do at E3 this year. Being balanced you could say that Sony’s launch was not all that great either but at least they didn’t aggravate their gaming community.

What we have witnessed is quite probably one of the most exciting E3 events in a long time, where Sony have blatantly come out fighting and kicked MS when they are already on the floor bleeding out.

Its one of those Gears of War moments where you have taken a bit of damage but almost brush it off thinking its a minor flesh wound. Only to walk around the corner into a shit storm of bad guys who wipe you out instantly, ending with your rival  tea bagging for your arrogance!

Analogy aside, what Microsoft have done is come out and said look gamers we love you, look at all these great things you can do. Which is fine but what about addressing all the negatives from the previous launch, nah, we are Microsoft and when we show off all these cool things people will forgive us, or we could ignore them and just let our great friends at Sony address them for us!! Way to go guys, clearly going hard to satisfy its loyal customers.

Sony on the other hand have taken that opportunity and hit the ball out of the park. If you look at their E3 they have to thank Microsoft for dropping the ball as if they had addressed all the issues then their presentation would have made Sony’s look a little lack luster as they are only getting all the positive press for basically doing very little in the way of change or innovation, that the Xbox One doesn’t offer to.

So with Sony taking the early lead I am left wondering if Microsoft will even respond and I don’t call some lame positive PR spin responding!

They need to take some serious action and eat some humble pie, much in the same vein as Windows 8.


The “not so” great Xbox one reveal

Did Microsoft forget what industry the Xbox is in as they seem to have focused on Media. One hopes that E3 will be where they let the gamers know what’s in store for us. So in the view of this blogger and gamer the big reveal was a bit of a let down.

The highlights for me were…

Built-in PVR
Expansion of the XBL server to something like 300k (does this mean we may get dedicated servers, or maybe more regional gaming!?)
The Call of Duty visual comparison showed what kind of visuals we can expect
Good specs on the hardware except the 500gb hdd could be a tad small.

I think that’s about it for the good points.

So, do I care that Kinect has all this cool new tech to make it awesome, not really. Shoot me down Microsoft but I just want a joy pad that I can sit down and relax with and the only shouting at the TV I want to do is when a game annoys me!

Do I care about the NFL partnership, no. Do I care about the EA partnership, no not really as it will just be all about making their micro purchases even easier and more accessible.

I can see that all the TV and media stuff is the way things are going and Microsoft clearly want the One to be the hub of all living rooms but is this what I would have put in the reveal, over showing more games. Hell no!

Media bits aside and I know I am hardly touching upon them all as this is just a few first thoughts, but they were saying that we were about to see gameplay..really! My excitement quickly dropped as it was mostly video sequences which was not really what I had in mind, how about a couple of five minute walk throughs to really showcase the hardware.

Did anyone actually feel that the entire briefing felt so false and commercial, I know it’s a press launch but what about some authenticity and passion, it kinda summed up the looks of the console too. Which just didn’t inspire me. However at least MS got that right and had the hardware on display.

The crowning moment for me was when they talked about the release date “later this year” oh come on really, way to commit to us.

The price point is what I was expecting, yes it’s high, around £400 but I don’t think that will help Microsoft hit huge sales as that’s going to be out of reach for most people.

There you have it, there were highs and lows for me and I don’t think that they got the reveal quite right. I may not be as pumped as I thought I would be but I still plan on getting one. The only caveat that could change my mind is a lack of games announcements at E3.

I will put some other posts up when I get five with some detail on certain subjects as I will admit a lot of this post is a bit of a rant as it just didn’t pump me up like I was expecting!!